Turkey, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums

Turkey, Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums

Located near Konak Square, the Archaeological Museum has a rich collection of antiquities, most of which were found during the excavations of Pergamum.

In the museum courtyard you can see a lot of amphorae, columns and capitals. The ground floor contains marble statues of Poseidon, Demeter, Artemis, as well as ancient sarcophagi.

On the second floor there are pottery and glass-blowing art, ceramics and objects of the Bronze Age.

The collection of the Ethnographic Museum, located opposite the Archaeological Museum, is made up of folk art items, including Bergama and Gordes carpets, traditional costumes and fabrics, camel bridles, and copper products.

On the first floor of the museum you can see the recreated interiors of the Ottoman house, an old pharmacy, and a printing house.

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