Turkey, Ancient Theater

Turkey, Ancient Theater

In Side, the remains of the Roman theater, which contained almost 20 thousand spectators, remained. It was built in the middle of the II century AD. In the construction there are elements that distinguish it from other theaters built earlier.

It is not built like the Greeks – on the side of a mountain, and in the Roman style – on a flat platform, the seats are kept on the vaulted arches, the arches themselves – on the foundation. The spectators entered through the covered galleries and climbed their line of stairs.

The stage and vaults were decorated with statues and tiles. All that remains today is the masks of Tragedy and Comedy, the jellyfish heads split apart, scattered around the scene.

At the time of the Romans, there were battles of gladiators with predatory animals, as well as the reenactment of sea battles, for which the scene was filled with water.

For security purposes, a 1.5-meter-high wall was built around the stage. In the 5th-6th centuries, the theater became a Christian temple.

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