Tunisia, the Great Mosque in Tunisia

Tunisia, the Great Mosque in Tunisia

The Great Mosque or the Olive Mosque is the largest and oldest mosque (built in 732) in the capital and the second in Tunisia after the Kairouan. There is an ancient legend, which tells us that, at the place where the mosque now stands, a wonderful olive tree once grew, and before that there was a Roman forum. The mosque was repeatedly rebuilt and expanded.

For ritual ablutions in this mosque, only rainwater is used, which is collected in special tanks. A very beautiful dome of the mosque attracts attention. The spacious and dark prayer hall of the mosque is decorated with Venetian glass chandeliers. The arches of the hall are based on magnificent antique columns with carved capitals.

The mosque is surrounded by numerous madrasas. Here in the XIV century. The famous Tunisian enlightener Ibn-Qaldun, who is called the “father of sociology.”

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