The most unusual sights of Prague

Prague for millions of tourists appears in its splendor: here you can see the beauties of nature, enjoy walks in beautiful places and visit the most popular places – Charles Bridge or Prague is glad, but … But all these sights, although they are the hallmarks of Prague, for sophisticated tourists it is better to go explore more interesting and unusual places.

Wall of the Great Musician. For fans of John Lennon or just his lovers, there is a whole wall in Prague dedicated to this British musician. It contains lines from the most popular songs, quotes from a rock musician and his portraits. The Prague authorities tried to fight such creativity, but furious fans, nevertheless, continued to defend the memory of John Lennon. According to some rumors, you can even find the autograph of the great musician on the wall.

Rotunda. Not far from the Charles Bridge there is an unusual and mystical place – the rotunda. This is a historical Romanesque church, which is more than 10 centuries old. There is a legend that on the site of the rotunda there used to be a pond in which a girl drowned. She converted to the Christian faith against the will of her parents. There is another version, according to which there are wealth under the rotunda.

Bobova dredge. This mysterious name hides a fun and active holiday for lovers of extreme and speed. Bobova Draga is an 800-meter high-speed track that can be used at an unusually high speed, but there is no snow or ice! Despite this riding, it is absolutely safe, the sleds reach a speed of no more than 60 km / h. There are sharp bends and turns on the whole track, you will not be bored.

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Prague TV Tower. The Zizkov TV Tower is a very unusual landmark in Prague. For many years, the indigenous inhabitants of Prague considered the TV tower an ugliness, until one of the inhabitants figured out how to “improve” it. Today, you can see steel babies on the tower, who settled here. The tower is worth seeing not only because of the giant kids made of steel, but there are observation platforms on it, and from a height of 100 meters you can see magnificent views of Prague.

Locomotive beer house. An interesting place in Prague, where beer is brought not by waiters, but by locomotives! There are rails between the tables, along which the train moves, bringing visitors their drinks. This unusual presentation fascinates not only children, but also adults. And delicious and foaming beer will not leave indifferent any client.

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