Switzerland, University Botanical Garden

Switzerland, University Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden at Basel University, a walk through which brings a lot of pleasure, was founded in 1589 and is the oldest in the world. It belongs to the Botanical Faculty of the University and adjoins its territory.

The Botanical Garden is open all year round. It consists of a street territory with several sections such as a grove, a rock garden, territories for ferns, plants of Mediterranean countries and others, greenhouses intended for the maintenance of tropical plants, water lilies, succulents, and a cold greenhouse where the plants are sensitive to cold , which for a year change their location in the garden. In it you can see a lot of interesting and attracting everyone’s attention plants, even those that are considered to be disappearing.

On the territory of the Botanical Gardens there are group excursions for adults and individual excursions for children. For the convenience of visitors there are also several cafeterias and places for recreation, a bookshop where, besides books, you can buy postcards and posters.

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