Switzerland, Lowesna Archaeological Site

Switzerland, Lowesna Archaeological Site

One of the most attractive places to relax in nature in Lausanne is a park, broken around the ruins of the ancient Roman village of Lauzonnah. This archaeological zone is next to the famous Bois de Vaud cemetery. The park in the summer often turns into a scene for the reconstruction of historical battles. Immediately there is an unusual market where products made according to old technologies are sold: herbal tinctures, souvenir coins, accurately recreated according to ancient patterns, clothes for participants of historical processions, copies of ancient swords, etc.

Lawson, from which now only fragments of the foundations of the basilica and several residential buildings were left, was founded in 15 BC. e. on the shores of Lake Geneva at the intersection of several trade routes leading from Italy to Gaul and from Germany to the shores of the Mediterranean. The area of ​​the town of Louzonne soon increased to 20 hectares. Here lived about 2 thousand people who successfully traded with both foreign merchants and residents of nearby cities located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Before some of the settlements had to travel by boat. So there was a local community of boatmen. The city fell into decay in the III century, when the raids of the German tribes increased. In the next century, the last inhabitants left him.

Although the abandoned settlement in the vicinity of Lausanne was already known in the XVIII century, the first scientific research began here in the 1930s. The next stage of excavations is in the 1960s, when it was decided to build the A1 motorway through the site where the ancient Roman city was supposed to be located. In 1972-1976, the remnants of the Roman forum and some houses were discovered. In the new millennium burial places were found, so scientists concluded that there was a necropolis near Lauzonnah.

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