Switzerland, Library of the Abbey of St. Galla

Switzerland, Library of the Abbey of St. Galla

In the period from VII to XVIII century, St. Gallen himself was considered an abbey. The founder is considered to be a monk named Gull, originally from Ireland. Since 719 it was decided to begin construction of the monastery itself.

The library of the Abbey of St. Gallen is considered one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It is listed on the World Heritage List due to its unique interior and an incredible collection of rare books and manuscripts from the Middle Ages.

At the entrance you can immediately see the inscription in Greek: “Pharmacy of the soul.” Immediately, visitors will be asked to change their shoes or wear special slippers, so as not to damage the inlaid wooden floor. After that you can enter the hall.

The abbey library is located in a separate building next to the cathedral. This building is made in the pompous Baroque style by Peter Tambom. Halls in which there are countless racks with books – in the style of rococo. The ceiling of the largest of them is decorated with frescoes with images of theologians on four ecumenical cathedrals.

In addition to the usual halls, crowded with shelving, height from the floor to the ceiling, there are special storages in which there are many rare documents and manuscripts that are almost never exhibited. Photography is prohibited here.

The list of treasures of various cultures of this library is truly amazing – there is a considerable amount of Irish manuscripts, more than a dozen manuscripts dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries, including the Latin manuscript of the Gospel of the year 750. There are also specimens attributed to the era of BC.

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