Switzerland, Grand Theater of Geneva

Switzerland, Grand Theater of Geneva

The Grand Theater is the opera house in Geneva. During the XVII and XVIII centuries. Geneva was heavily influenced by Calvinism, so the first building of the opera house was built in Geneva only in the middle of the 1760s, and only in the second half of the XIX century the Geneva City Council began to think about the construction of a luxurious opera theater that would correspond to the prestige and status of Geneva.

The first stone of the future theater was laid in 1875, and in 1879 the theater opened with the production of Rossini’s opera “Wilhelm Tell”. The building of the opera was located between the Conservatory and the Rath Museum and immediately entered the top ten of the best European opera houses.

The luxurious façade of the building is decorated with granite columns and marble statues embodying Drama, Dance, Music and Comedy, as well as busts of famous composers. The interior decoration was famous not only for its luxurious interiors, but also for the latest technology of the time. In the years 1905-13. The building was electricity, gas lighting was also replaced by electric lamps.

In 1951, there was a terrible fire, almost the entire building of the theater burned apart, with the exception of the main foyer. The theater was closed for 10 years and reopened only in 1962. Another reconstruction of the stage equipment was carried out in 1997-98. The new auditorium accommodates 1488 people, 100 musicians can play in the orchestra pit. At the moment, the Grand Theater of Geneva is the largest theater in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Here, opera and ballet performances are staged, concerts are held.

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