Switzerland, Botanical Garden in Lausanne

Switzerland, Botanical Garden

Cantonal Botanical Garden is located on the outskirts of the park “Milan”, created in the 19th century as a visual guide to medicinal plants for university students, today is a favorite place for citizens for Sunday picnics and morning sports. Down, from the top of the hill, from where you can see a picturesque view of Lake Geneva and the mountains, lead the well-groomed paths, surrounded by green lawns, over which the landscape designers worked.

In addition to fresh air, squirrels frolicking under your feet, romantic ponds with golden fish and beautiful species, the garden meets visitors with friendly infrastructure: benches for rest, fountains with drinking water, excursions, free entrance, children’s and sports grounds in the neighborhood. Elegant park buildings and artistic illumination in the evening serve as an excellent background for photo sessions and attract photographers to the garden.

In addition to the recreational Botanical Garden also retains its scientific function: it grows more than 6000 thousand trees and shrubs, there is a tropical greenhouse and a rock garden. In addition to the local flora, on the territory of the garden you can find plants from different continents among which there are pepper and cinnamon, cocoa, orchids, Himalayan rhododendrons and Japanese primroses. The management of the Lausanne Botanical Garden conducts extensive educational work, compiles a list of rare and endangered specimens of flora in Switzerland and cultivates them under artificial conditions. In the same way, experts retain the historical planting of plants that play an important role in modern pharmacology. All plants are numbered and provided with information plates.

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The Cantonal Botanical Garden of Lausanne is open from May to October.

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