Sweden, the Vemdalen Church

Sweden, the Vemdalen Church

Vemdalenskaya church is located in the community of Vemdalen commune Herjedalen. The village of Vemdalen is considered quite ancient. Perhaps, in the Middle Ages there was a wooden chapel on its territory, but its remains were not found.

The present wooden church was built in 1624, and after a hundred and more years, in 1763, moved to its current location. Subsequently, the church was rebuilt by master Olof Manberg from Mantus and received its present elongated octagonal structure. The roof of the building is crowned with a tower with a spire. The tower is covered with wooden tiles.

The church has a high ceiling and eight large windows, so the temple seems bright and spacious. This impression is produced by many churches built in northern Sweden at the turn of the XVII and XVIII centuries. Temples of the same period in southern and western Sweden are distinguished by a more solid and impressive architecture.

Eight window openings and the octagonal form of the Vemdalen church symbolize Heaven. The world was created in seven days, and the eighth day personifies the Kingdom of God. The altar was created by the sculptor Jonas Granberg from the neighboring parish in 1770. The organ is dated 1919 year.

In 1755, near the temple, the builder Anders Berg Guy erected a stand-alone bell tower. There are two bells in it. The smaller was cast by Johan Andreas Klaus in 1713. A large bell, marked by a long saying about its sound, was bought for the community in 1770.

The church in Vemdalena is active. It is open not only during worship, so every tourist can inspect it during the daylight hours.

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