Sweden, Orekutan Mountain

Sweden, Orekutan Mountain

In Ore town, in the Yamtland province, in the central part of Sweden, you can find the Oreskutan mountain, which rises at 1,420 meters above sea level and 1,048 meters above the surface of Lake Ore. The mountain received its name from the Old Norse word meaning “peak” or “tip”. According to the local legend, in ancient times on Orescutane lived the giantess Ruth, who was at enmity with her neighbors, the giants Yatt and Spit. Ruth began to throw stones at her enemies and emerged victorious from this battle.

The mountain Orescuttan is covered in summer with a green carpet. It is famous for the fact that on its slopes there are rare species of plants, for example, orchids. Also, various feathers like to nest here. You can watch them by walking on specially laid trails.

Nearly one hundred percent humidity at the top of the mountain caused Oescutan to turn into an icy and snowy kingdom in winter. A cable car usually climbs a mountain of tourists, which is covered by ice due to heavy winds and snow in the winter and often stops working for a while. At the top of the mountain is the restaurant “Bistrologist”, from which a magnificent panorama of the surroundings opens.

At the foot of Oreskutan is the largest ski area of ​​Sweden. All travelers can get there by train. Areas for skiing are located on the southern slope of Orekutan. Trails of different levels of complexity and several lifts, delivering skiers to the descent, ensure the popularity of this base with tourists.

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