Sweden, Military-Historical Museum “Aeroseum”

Sweden, Military-Historical Museum “Aeroseum”

In the spring of 1999, the Aeroceum Foundation decided to take care of bunkers belonging to the Swedish Royal Air Force and located next to the Gothenburg Airport. Thus, within the framework of the “Gothenburg – the city of events” program, the military-historical museum “Aeroseum” was created, which became the center of aviation life.

The museum consists of two stone shelters, the area of ​​one is 8,000 square meters and the other is 22,000. They were built in the early 1950s at a depth of almost 30 meters underground as a protective hangar for modern Göta Wing (F 9). The museum is part of the national cultural heritage and at the moment the question of awarding him a memorial status is being considered. From January 1, 2008, Aeroseum is part of a national network called the Swedish Military Heritage. This means that the National Defense Museum provides the museum with economic and other support.

The exposition of the museum shows the history of aviation development from the time of Ikar to modern civil and military aircraft. In addition to the fact that visitors can see the exhibits, they can also build, help restore aircraft, and make a virtual or real flight on classic aircraft or helicopter models.

In addition to preserving unique exhibits, the creators and curators of the museum also set themselves educational goals: not only to tell about the history of aviation, but also to awaken children’s interest in technology and the natural sciences.

“Aerosume” offers visitors to make an exciting walking tour through different rooms and bunkers, where a variety of aircraft are represented, for example, a jet fighter SAAB, ancient aircraft, gliders and a number of helicopters. Tours are usually held in Swedish. Other languages ​​are available by prior arrangement.

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