Sweden, Globen Arena

Sweden, Globen Arena

The Globen Arena, also known as Arena Ericsson (after its purchase by the Ericsson telecommunications company in 2009) is the national indoor sports arena of Sweden, located in the Stockholm area of ​​Johanneshof. Today it is the largest hemispherical building in the world, the construction of which took two and a half years. The arena was opened in 1989.

The Globen Arena is shaped like a large white ball, whose diameter is 110 meters, and the height inside the building reaches 85 meters. The arena can accommodate up to 16,000 spectators of shows and concerts and 13,850 spectators of hockey. The shape of the building was not chosen by chance: the arena represents the Sun within the framework of the solar system project in Sweden. In the implementation of this project, the real proportions of both the dimensions of the planets and their distances relative to each other were observed. Thus, the planets nearest to the Sun also are located in Stockholm, while the distant ones are located in other cities of the country.

The Globen Arena attracts not only those wishing to attend a concert or a sports match, but also ordinary tourists who want to see Stockholm from a bird’s eye view (130 meters above sea level). In 2010, there was opened a popular attraction Skyview, where on one of the two glass gondolas visitors can make a trip on the outside of the southern part of the building.

The Globen Arena is not only the center of large mass events, but also quite often becomes the center of interesting architectural projects. For example, from May to October 2009 on the roof of Globen Arena you could see a small aluminum house (12 sq. M.). The aim of the project was to illustrate two important symbols for Sweden: high-tech construction (Arena building) and a traditional, simple architecture, which was embodied in a small country house.

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