Sri Lanka, The Temple of Destruction Viharaya

Sri Lanka, The Temple of Destruction Viharaya

Having the fame of one of the best examples of Buddhist temple architecture, Viharaya’s Witchcraft is certainly worthy of being among the main attractions that you plan to see in Kandy.

The temple is located in Pililitalava, along the road Kandy – Colombo and is famous for its beautiful carvings on the stone.

Filled with the architectural style of South India, this temple was built during the reign of King Gampola Vikramabahu sometime around 1344. Usually, such ancient temples as Viharaya’s Witchcrafts nowadays do not preserve the charm that was in the past. Little that comes to our days. But in this temple you can still catch those stunning features of the Buddhist temple, which were conceived from the very beginning of its construction.

For example, on the entrance doors cut from a tree, remains of paintings remain, which are an integral part of the architecture of the churches in Kandy. In addition, you should pay attention to the frescoes and images that give the temple its original appearance.

An important feature of the architecture of Buddhist temples is that they are carved from stones, and Viharaya is not an exception. In the temple there is a sanctuary with a Buddha statue inside and four images of a standing Buddha. But what makes Viharaya’s Witchcraft truly special is the location on the top of the hill, from which a truly spectacular view of the surrounding areas opens up.

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