Sri Lanka, Horton Plains

Sri Lanka, Horton Plains

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The Horton Plain is a nature reserve since 1969 and a national park since 1988 due to its unique watershed and the diversity of the species represented here. The area of ​​the reserve is 3159 hectares. This is the only national park in Sri Lanka, where visitors are allowed to walk alone (but only on certain trails).

Plantar Thomas Farr “discovered” these plains and named this area in honor of Sir Robert Wilmot Horton, then British governor (1831-1837). The traditional name of the region in Sinhala was Maha Sumanasen. In the park are the second and third largest mountain peaks of Sri Lanka – Totupola Kanda (2357m) and Kirigalpot (2389 m).

On the territory of the park there is a steep cliff called the Edge of Light, from where you can enjoy stunning views of distant hills and valleys to the south coast. On foot to the Edge of Light it is necessary to walk about 4 km, the way back takes 2 km to the Baker Falls and another 3.5 km to the exit from the park. The way back and forth is 9.5 km and takes three hours walking pace. Please note that around 9-10 am the fog drops and everything that you can see if you come later is a white wall. If you come from Nuwara Eliya or Haputal at 5.30 and arrive at the World’s End by 7 am, you will have a chance to enjoy a magnificent view.

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The Baker Waterfall receives water from Beliul Oia. Ice water glistens in the sun against the backdrop of the mountainous terrain and deep valleys.

Like in many other tropical forests, mammals are difficult to see here, although more lucky visitors could see the leopard. Most visitors are satisfied when they see Samburu, a type of large deer.

Among the trees in the park is most often found syzygium. In the undergrowth in the open swampy areas dominated by dwarf bamboo.

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