South Korea, Mount Pkhalgonsan

South Korea, Mount Pkhalgonsan

Mount Pkhalgonsan is located in the south-eastern part of South Korea, in a separate part of the East Korean mountains. East-Korean mountains – a mountain system, the extent of which is more than 600 km. The mountains are located in the eastern part of the Korean peninsula, the highest point is the mountain Chirisan, whose height is 1915 m.

Mount Pkhalgonsan stands on the border between Daegu City, which is considered the fourth largest city in South Korea, and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. The highest point of the mountain Phalgon is at an altitude of 1193 m above sea level.

On the mountain there are many objects of cultural and natural heritage, among them – Buddhist temples built in the era of the Kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935). Among such temples are the existing ones – the temple of Donghvasa and the Grotto of the Three Buddhas in Kunvi. The temple of Donghwaas is an ancient structure belonging to the Order of Chogye. The Temple of Donghwasa is in the southern part of the mountain of Pkhalgonsan, and its name from the Korean language is translated as “the temple of the flowering of the Adam tree”.

Mount Pkhalgonsan

This temple complex was built in 493, after being rebuilt several times. The temple is famous for its unique works of art in its territory – figures of stone deities, a lion figure, a lotus flower, which are also made of stone. The next cultural monument – the Grotto of Three Buddhas in Kunwi, is included in the list of national treasures of Korea.

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In addition to the cultural heritage, Mount Pkhalgonsan has a rich historical past – in 927 on the southern slopes of the mountain there was a battle between the states of Hupekce and Koryo.

On the mountain there is a stone statue of Katbavy, the Buddha of Medicine. There is a belief – if you address it with a pure heart, the cherished desire will come true.

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