South Korea, Gyeongju National Museum

South Korea, Gyeongju National Museum

The Gyeongju State Museum is located in the city of the same name, which is in the east of South Korea, in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. The museum collection consists mainly of relics of the Kingdom of Silla. Silla is one of the three early feudal Korean states, at one time the city of Gyeongju was the capital of this state. Not far from the museum are the royal tombs, and the museum itself is surrounded by Kerim, a small forest of the Gyeongju National Park. Also in the vicinity of the museum is the astronomical observatory Chkhomsonde (one of the oldest observatories in East Asia and the oldest scientific building on Earth), the Panvolson Palace and the Anapchi Antic Pond (created in 674 AD).

The Gyeongju State Museum was opened in 1945 and was originally part of the National Museum of Korea. The main building of the museum was built in 1968, and in 1975 the museum became known as the State Museum of Gyeongju. In principle, there are many national museums on the territory of South Korea, but this museum is of great importance, because thanks to museum collections, not only visitors but also archaeologists and historians can trace the development of civilization in the south-eastern part of South Korea.

Gyeongju National Museum

Among the exhibits of the museum is a bell Emily – a massive bronze bell, the largest of the surviving to our time in South Korea. It is worth noting that the bell Emile in 1962 is included in the list of National Treasures of Korea. In addition, here are the crowns of the rulers of the kingdom of Silla and artifacts found during excavations at the Buddhist temple of Hwannens. Many exhibits are located in the open air, which is a common practice in Korean museums.

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