South Korea, Gyeonghong Palace

South Korea, Gyeonghong Palace

The Kyonghigun Palace is one of five large palaces built during the Joseon era. In translation, the name of the palace Kyonghigun sounds like “palace of serene ceremonies”.

The palace was built in 1600, during the reign of King Kwanhe-gun, who was the 15th king (king) of the state of Joseon. Kwanhe-gun, whose original name was Hon, ruled for about 15 years – from 1608 to 1623. It was believed that his reign was quite tyrannical, so he was not awarded either a posthumous honorary title or a temple name.

The palace was built about 6 years, and its complex numbered almost 100 buildings and other objects. In principle, the palace was a secondary residence of the king, since it was located in the western part of Seoul. It is because of this location that the palace was also called Sogvol – the Western Palace. The notion of a “secondary palace” meant that the king usually came to this palace in the event of an emergency.

Gyeonghong Palace

In the palace of Kyonghigun lived many rulers of the kingdom of Joseon, beginning with King Injo and ending with King Cholchon. At one time the palace was impressive in size, next to the palace was an arched bridge that connected two palaces from the palace complex – Kyonghigun and Toksugun.

Unfortunately, most of the Kyonghigong Palace suffered from two fires that occurred during the reign of the Kings of Sungjo and Kojon, and during the Japanese occupation the palace was destroyed and a Japanese school was built in its place. Two structures – the Sunjongjong throne room and the Hinhwamun Gate were dismantled and transported to another part of the city of Seoul.

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The Kyonghigun Palace was reconstructed in the 1990s under the initiative of the South Korean government, but only a small part of the palace complex was restored.

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