South Korea, Changyong Palace

South Korea, Changyong Palace

Palace Changyon first served as the summer residence of the rulers of the state of Koryo, and only later it became one of the Five Great Palaces of the Joseon Age. The palace complex was built by King Sejon the Great for his father, Thehedzhon. In 1483, during the reign of King Sonjon, the palace complex was rebuilt and expanded.

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During the Japanese colonization on the territory of the palace complex, the Japanese built a zoo, broke down the botanical garden and built a museum. In 1983, the Botanical Garden and the Zoo were moved. However, the palace complex suffered greatly during the Japanese occupation, not all the objects have survived today.

Guests will be interested to look at the main gate of the palace, Honhvamun, which were built in 1484. In 1592, during the invasion of the Japanese, the gates were burned and restored only in 1616. Hongyamun Gate is included in the list of national treasures of Korea under the number 384.

Changyong Palace

Outside the gate, as soon as guests pass through them, they will immediately see the Ochkhongyo bridge, which was built about 500 years ago. The height of the bridge is 9.9 m, the width is 6.6 m, the bridge is supported by double arches. The bridge is also listed in the national treasures of Korea under number 386.

It is worth to visit the main hall, where the official receptions and royal banquets – Myeongjeongjeon, and the Queen’s pavilion – Thongmyojong were held, which, it is worth noting, is the largest building of Changyong Palace.

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On the territory of the palace there is a pond of Chundanchi. Walking through the palace complex, you can see the stones on which religious inscriptions are engraved.


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