South Africa, World of Birds

South Africa, World of Birds

The largest birdlife park Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey Park is the zoo of the small town of Hout Bay, located in a valley on the Atlantic coast 20 km south of the central region of Cape Town.

This park is one of the largest parks in the world of birds. More than 3000 birds and 400 different species of small animals live in 100 spacious landscaped enclosures, allowing visitors to get to know as closely as possible the amazing representatives of the fauna.

The park’s aviaries are located on 4 hectares of the tropical garden of Hout Bay. In the reserve are birds of South Africa, as well as exotic birds, including ostriches, cormorants, pelicans, penguins, parrots, eagles, flamingos, herons, geese, ducks, starlings, guinea fowl, ibises, emu, magpies, crows, turkeys, pheasants , peacocks and other species of birds.

Visitors are invited to observe the fascinating life of birds. To see them close-up, how they eat, sing, communicate, build nests, incubate eggs and feed their chicks right before your eyes. Spectacles vary depending on the season. In the park, birds and animals behave the same way they would have lived without fear in the wild.

Here is the rescue service, shelter and nursery that provide care and care for wounded birds and animals, as well as breeding endangered species. There are also a lot of monkeys and small squirrel monkeys with whom you can talk face to face. Squirrel monkeys are very naughty and can even jump and sit on their shoulders, playing with your hair.

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More than 100,000 visitors a year come to this paradise for nature lovers and photographers. The park is one of the leading tourist attractions in Cape Town, it is visited by every traveler who came to the South African Peninsula.

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