South Africa, Nelson Mandela House Museum

South Africa, Nelson Mandela House Museum

The National Museum of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg is usually called the Mandela House. It is located on the street of Vilakazi district of West Orlando in Soweto. Nelson Mandela lived in the house at number 8115 at the corner of Vilakazi and Ngakane from 1946 to 1962, not far from the home of another Nobel laureate in the struggle against apartheid – Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Vilakazi Street is the only street in the world where two Nobel laureates lived.

Mandela in 1997, donated his house Soweto Heritage Fund «Soweto Heritage Trust», the founder of which was to open it in the museum “History of the struggle against apartheid.” A small one-storey house made of red brick of rectangular shape, a bit like a matchbox, built in 1945. On its walls are visible bullet holes, and on the facade were burns from the exploded bottles with Molotov cocktail. The interior rooms of the museum are furnished with original furniture and personal memorabilia, including photographs given by Nelson Mandela. Here you can see the belt of the world champion, personally presented to Nelson Mandela by professional boxer-black American Shugartoy Ray Leonardo.

In 1999, the Mandela House became the most popular destination in Soweto for tourists visiting the South African Peninsula.

Nelson Mandela House Museum

Nelson Mandela returned to this house after being released from prison in 1990, despite suggestions from government officials to find another, safer housing. At the rally near his home in Soweto, his first words were: “I came home at last!” In 11 days he handed this house to the museum. Later he wrote in his autobiography: “That night I returned with Vinni to my house No. 8115 in West Orlando. This house was always in my heart. And when I got out of prison, for me, my house under No. 8115 was the epicenter of my world, a place marked by Iksom in my life. ”

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In 2007, the Soweto Heritage Fund closed the Mandela House for repairs. The new visitor center was put into operation after the completion of all restoration works. The staff and guides were retrained, and a new manager of the museum was appointed. The Mandela House in Johannesburg, including a visitor center and a small museum, was re-opened on March 19, 2009.

The National Museum of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg was added to the National World Heritage List in 1999

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