South Africa, National Pretoria Zoo

South Africa, National Pretoria Zoo

The National Zoo in Pretoria was established in 1899. In this largest zoo in South Africa, located on an area of ​​85 hectares, there are more than 3100 specimens of animals, birds, reptiles and fish, that is, more than 210 mammal species, 200 bird species, 190 fish species, 100 reptile species and 10 amphibian species. These figures include representatives of fauna located in the Pretoria Zoo, as well as in two animal conservation centers in Lichtenburg, in the northwestern province of Mokopane and in the Limpopo province, as well as in the Emerald World of Animals Park.

Half of the territory of the zoo is on a relatively flat surface, while the other half is located on the hillside. These two parts are separated by the Apis River flowing through the zoo.

Pretoria Zoo, as well as in its breeding centers, conduct research on the conservation and restoration of endemic local fauna. There is also a large collection of exotic trees in South Africa, which is one of the three largest collections in the world.

National Pretoria Zoo

In the zoo you can explore the fascinating world of underwater life in the largest marine aquarium and visit the reptile park. You can also relax in the nature with the whole family or group, and also spend the night and visit the night excursion, watching the fascinating world of nocturnal animals. Educational programs are offered for children and schoolchildren in the zoo.

Also, visitors will not be indifferent to the ZooMobile tour. In the large recreation area of ​​the zoo you can play golf, ride a cable car to the top of the mountain or drive a zoo along the tracks of the zoo, which is more than 6 km long, and also join the zoo staff and take care of animals.

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For the convenience of visitors to the Pretoria Zoo there is a restaurant that offers a varied menu, as well as several stalls with snacks. Near the restaurant there is a children’s playground for toddlers.

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