Philippines, Volcano Kanlaon

Philippines Volcano Kanlaon

Kanlaon Volcano is an active volcano located on the island of Negros, 30 km from Bacolod, the capital of the island and its most populated city. The volcano, which is part of the Kanlaon Mountain National Park, established in 1934, has long gained popularity among mountain climbing enthusiasts. Kanlaon is also part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Not far from it are the mountains Xilay and Mandalagan.

The height of the volcano – 2435 meters, is the highest peak of the island of Negros. The base diameter is 30 km, and the volcano itself is littered with pyroclastic cones and craters. Near the summit of Kanlaon lies the Lugud crater, and to the north of the crater is the caldera, known as the Margah Valley, with a small lake. On the slopes of Kanlaon there are three hot springs – Mambukal, Bukalan and Bungol. And around, in the thickets of the jungle, hidden several beautiful waterfalls, such as waterfalls Kipot and Sudlon.

The most active volcano in the central Philippines, Kanlaon has erupted 26 times since 1886. These were mainly small and medium-sized eruptions with a small amount of ejected ash. In August 1996, a group of 24 climbers climbed to the top of Kanlaon, when suddenly the volcano began to erupt, although it had not shown any signs of activity before. Then several participants of the ascent were killed, including a British student who were closest to the crater. The remaining members of the group were saved.

Despite the potential danger, Kanlaon continues to be a mecca for local climbers and rock climbers. The territory of the national park of the same name has about 40 km of hiking trails, most of which lead to the summit. The Masulog trail is considered the shortest – only 8 km, the path along the Arahal and Mapot trails can take a whole day, and the longest is the Vasai trail, which takes about two days to overcome. During the ascent, you can see rare species of birds, for example, multi-colored parakeets and hornbills. There are also monitor lizards and several snake species that are on the verge of extinction. And from the very top there are wonderful views of the surroundings.

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