Philippines, Pinsal Waterfalls

Philippines, Pinsal Waterfalls

Pinsal Waterfalls are located in the province of Ilokos Sur on Luzon Island about an hour from the town of Santa Maria. You can get here on foot from the nearby town of Pilar – a series of stone steps built in the mountains leads to one of the best picnic sites in the whole province.

Pinsal Falls is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines, but also a place surrounded by many legends and myths. At the top of the waterfalls there are natural water bodies that have a stop shape – the locals believe that these are traces of a legendary giant named Angalo. According to legend, he left them here when he was looking for his missing wife, Aran.

In addition to these ancient legends, the Pinsal waterfalls are famous for being the highest waterfalls in the province of Ilokos Sur – streams of water fall into a narrow gorge from a height of 85 feet. And this is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the entire Filipino archipelago: the hills on both sides of Pinsal are overgrown with huge trees that complement the beauty of the water cascades.

This secluded place is ideal for unhurried walks and contemplation of nature. In the pond, in which the crystal waters of Pinsal fall, you can swim. And you can climb up the hill to see with your own eyes the traces of the legendary Angalo. At the top of the waterfall beats a source of hot water in which you can boil an egg in 10-15 minutes! And behind the cascades of water lies a small cave, which can also be explored.

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