Montenegro, Mountain Siniavin

Montenegro, Mountain Siniavin

The peak of the Siniaevin massif opens a wonderful view of the mountains located nearby, and on Mojkovac – a medieval city in which the mint work was carried out in the 14th century.

Its name was given to this city in honor of it. Near the mountain are well-known parks: Durmitor and Biograd mountain, as well as the river. Tara, which has a world famous canyon.

For tourists who spend their vacation here, various entertainment activities are organized, including cycling, rafting, hiking, horse riding, etc.

To start the ascent to Mount Siniaevin you need to go from the center of Moykovets, then you should cross the bridge across the river. Tara and walk along a picturesque path that leads through a low larch to the top of the Topovi (1208 meters). There is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the entire valley. This mountain enables everyone to see a large number of small churches and katuns, houses of shepherds in summer pastures.

During the ascent, you can go to Zabojskoe Lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful in this area. This reservoir is located at an altitude of 1477 meters, on all sides it is surrounded by a dense coniferous forest. In the autumn and summer periods on the shores of this lake you can put tents.

The slopes of Mount Siniaevin have many small hiking trails that are laid through a thick concha. The beauty of nature in this area allows you to enjoy a large number of conveniently designed viewing areas.

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On the slope of this mountain, at an altitude of 1100 meters in the northern region of Montenegro, Montenegrin ranch is located. For this type of objects, the place is chosen unusual, because they are often on the plains. This ranch is known to many tourists who prefer a healthy vacation.

From its territory you can see all located near the mountains. In addition, there is a view of the town of Mojkovac. The nature is beautiful, the air is mountain clean, the hosts are hospitable, which is the guarantor of a good rest. Modern man needs to visit such places to connect with nature, restore psychological and physical strength.

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