Montenegro, Mountain Klyuch

Montenegro, Mountain Klyuch

Mount Klyuch is located in the vicinity of Kolasin. It is one of those hills that protect this Montenegrin city from sudden changes in the climate and strong winds.

The top of the mountain, which reaches 1973 meters, attracts all fans of freeride and extreme sports with their almost vertical descents and rather dangerous conditions.

For fans of adrenaline and providing their convenience, there is a rope tow, so you can climb from a height of 1850 meters to the top. In addition, from the lower station you can go there with a special helicopter.

The slopes of Mt. Klyuch are equipped with modern snowmobile tracks, as well as many dirt paths especially for connoisseurs of cycling and hiking. On these paths you can reach various parts of the picturesque forest.

The plant and animal life on the territory of the mountain is quite diverse. Some of the fauna and flora living here are protected by the state. Therefore, for everyone who comes to rest in Montenegro and in its reserved places, there is an opportunity to enjoy the crazy beauty of the landscapes and clean air in any season of the year: both in summer and in winter.

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