Montenegro, Mount Savin Cook

Montenegro, Mount Savin Cook

Mount Savin Cook as much as possible rises at its highest point – 2312 meters. At an altitude of 2287 meters (left) is Bearish peak. The mountain is surrounded on all sides by beautiful nature, lakes and rocks. From the eastern part of the mountain you can see the beautiful Lake Plateau, which is called the Clean Side, from the southern part – on Sljeme, in height of 2455 meters, from the western part – to the Great Valley, from the northern part – to the Lesser Valley.

The name of the mountain Savin Kuk comes from the name of the prince of Serbia Rastko Nemanjic, who left his worldly life and went to the monastery. There he was given the spiritual name of Sava. During all the years of his service, he became a spiritual leader in Serbia and was ranked among the saints during his lifetime.

In the winter season there are well-equipped ski tracks, and in the summer there are many opportunities for hikers in the mountainous area and for mountain climbers.

Mount Savin Kuk has in its territory a mountain center, which is considered one of the least expensive in the Balkans. The ski runs start at 2313 meters, and their total length is 5 km. For tourists and their convenience there are two cable lines and a number of lifts (for children including).

Everyone can make a hike to Savin Cook. The path that leads to the peak was built in the early 20th century by the King of Montenegro, Nikolo I. The slopes of this mountain have a source with the purest water, Savina water, which, according to legend, also has healing powers.

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There are several routes for the ascent, but the most optimal is the Black Lake (1416 m high), the Izvor spring, then Tochak and after it Mioch Polyana, then Savina water and the summit at 2313 m. On average, the duration of this rise is 4 hours, with This difference of heights – about 900 meters. You can make this ascent almost in any month, but it is important to remember that it is possible to meet with strong winds, deep snow and low temperatures at high altitudes.

Anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing can take advantage of special trails on the slopes of Savina Cook, whose length is about 3-12 km. The length of the main ski route is about three and a half kilometers, and the difference in altitude is 750 meters.

Among all the tracks available here, you can find suitable for any difficulty skiing: for beginners, for recreation, sports and extreme. In addition to them on the mountain there are special tracks for children and snowboarders. On some there is even an illumination for skating at night.

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