Montenegro, Mount Bobotov Cook

Montenegro, Mount Bobotov Cook

The highest peak of the Durmitor mountain range is Bobotov Kuk, which is also the highest point in Montenegro. This peak rises to a height of 2522 meters. If the weather is clear and quiet, then it opens to almost the opposite end of the country, for example, the Serbian massif Kopaonik or Mount Lovcen.

The first ascent to this peak was completed and recorded in 1883. To date, such a rise does not represent any climbers for professional climbers, except it enjoys considerable popularity among tourists. There are two routes for climbing this peak: the first takes about five and a half hours and passes through the primeval forest from the outskirts of Zabljak and to the Black Lake, and the second – about 2 hours and starts at the Sedlo Pass at an altitude of 1960 m.

The second way is easier, why it is the main part of tourists that chooses it. You can get to the pass with a bicycle or a car from Zabljak. Those tourists who decided to take the long route should leave the hotel for climbing no later than 6:00 in the morning.

The optimal time for recovery is July-September. In June, snow still lays in many areas, and in October the weather changes greatly, it may be unpredictable and it is already quite cold.

It is important to have with you any small kit with equipment, where there should be water, some food, trekking boots, waterproof jacket, sunscreen and headdress. In one direction the length of the route is about 9 km, with a height difference of about 1.2 km.

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Many tourists note that all the difficulties associated with lifting the Bobot Cook, are quickly compensated by the panorama and the mountain scenery, which can be seen from the top. From here you can see Durmitor’s ridge, the Prokletje massif, the Zabljak, the Tara Canyon, the Shkrchko Lake.

At the foot of the mountain is a small restaurant that meets tourists on the way back, offering a snack, a rest and share impressions.

Mount Bobotov Cook is a safe and very picturesque mountain, during the ascent to which one can feel like an alpinist, a real climber, and experience a huge amount of thrill. All this causes the popularity of the mountain among fans of mountain tourism.

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