Montenegro, City Museum in Podgorica

Montenegro, City Museum in Podgorica

The museum in Podgorica since 1950 offers all comers to get acquainted with the life of both the city itself and all of Montenegro, covering the time space from antiquity to our days.

The museum’s exhibits are divided into four exhibitions, depending on the theme they touch: historical, cultural-historical, archaeological and ethnographic. In the museum you can find ancient archival documents, photographs, objects of everyday life and other materials. All of them are the pride of Montenegro, since they reliably testify to the change of peoples and epochs.

As exhibits in the museum there are ceramic products, some of which date back to the 3rd century BC, and archaeological finds from the period of Illyrian and Roman eras.

Numerous icons, manuscripts, printed books of Muslims and Christians, jewelry and objects of everyday life – this is what represents the period from the XVI to XX century. All these objects exhibited in the museum, record the fact that in Montenegro there always existed a weaving of three different religions: Orthodoxy, Islam and Catholicism.

In addition, at the ethnographic exhibition among the museum exhibits you can see jewelry, dishes, weapons and national costumes – all these items reflect the life and culture of Montenegro in the period from the XVIII to the XX century. On the first floor of the museum there are two exhibitions on which works of modern Montenegrin artists are represented.

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