Montenegro, City Museum in Kolasin

Montenegro, City Museum in Kolasin

At the foot of Bielasitsa, where the river Tara begins, the town of Kolasin is located. It is considered a young city of Montenegro on the background of others. Despite this fact, the history of the city is impregnated with heroism and the spirit of resistance – for a long time Kolasin was occupied by the Turks.

The city, as it can be seen today, was originally only surrounded by a fortress fortress belonging to the Turks. Then, in the middle of the XVII century, the city got its name, which goes back to the Turkish “kolazi” – the commander who led the military garrison. The city was liberated from the Turks only at the end of the XIX century, after which the emigration of Muslims followed.

These historical landmarks were reflected in the expositions of the Kolasin Museum of Local Lore. Here, tourists and local residents are offered to learn about the history of the city, about the most important transformations that he experienced for his short, but tragic history. Visitors can view rich ethnographic, historical and artistic collections.

Today the city is also a popular ski resort of Montenegro, here the ecological and mountain-skiing tourism actively develops. Kolasin receives foreign investments, which go to the construction of new hotels and institutions, as well as other tourist facilities. At the height of the tourist season the city looks very lively, there are restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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