Montenegro, Botanical Garden

Montenegro, Botanical Garden

Perhaps the most significant attraction of Kolasin is a unique botanical garden, in the territory of which mountain plants are found, typical for the northern part of Montenegro. The garden is located on a hill, and its very location provides optimal conditions for the growth of 400 species of flora, most of which are endemic. Basically, to local endemics, that is, plants that grow only on the slopes of the mountain systems of Montenegro, include medicinal herbs.

The Botanical Garden in Kolasin appeared in 1981, thanks to the efforts of amateur botanist Daniel Vinchek. Organizing this garden, he found the best way to preserve valuable and rare plants that grew in hard-to-reach places of the Montenegrin peaks. Daniel Vinchek is supported in everything by his wife Vera.

On an area of ​​646 sq. M. created natural conditions for the growth of trees, shrubs and grasses, characteristic of the local places. Employees of the botanical garden conduct scientific work, watching the plants, photographing them and, thus, make up a dossier for each of their wards. All plants in the botanical garden have nameplates, which makes the walk around this institution more interesting and informative.

The most important exhibit of the botanical garden is considered typical for the Balkan Peninsula, but not found anywhere else is a pine tree – Rumeli. Lovers of wildlife will also be able to see individual representatives of the Balkan Acanthus, the cornflower of the Dzhurashinsky, etc. Some plants have their names in honor of famous historical figures. For example, in the local rose garden you can see the rose of Queen Milena. The name of the founder of the Kolasin Botanical Garden was also named alchemilla

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