Montenegro, Blue Cave

Montenegro, Blue Cave

The Blue Cave is a natural landmark of Montenegro, in another way it is also called the Blue Grotto. At its core is a small grotto washed by waves, which has two entrances.

There is a cave near the beach of Janice in the city of Herceg Novi, you can get there only by boat and by the time it takes no more than 10-15 minutes. In addition to visiting the cave, tourists are invited to explore the Boka Kotorska coast.

All the benefits of visiting the Blue Cave can be appreciated before lunch, while the sun is at its zenith. It is thanks to the refraction of sunlight from the frozen cave formations that the water itself has that fascinating blue glow.

The height of the cave vaults does not exceed 25 meters, which allows the boat to swim freely into the grotto. The depth in the cave is also quite impressive, but all tourists can swim in the waters of the Blue Grotto.

Transparency of the Adriatic coast makes it an excellent place for snorkeling, in no way inferior to the coast of the Red Sea.

To strengthen the interest of tourists to this natural sight, local residents actively spread rumors that once in the Blue grotto pirates hid treasures not found so far.

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