Montenegro, Belasitsa Mountain

Montenegro, Belasitsa Mountain

Belasitsa Mountain is located 8 km from Kolasin. It is covered with fir and century beech forests. The ski season in this area begins in November and ends in late spring. The depth of the snow cover in winter sometimes reaches three meters, but the slopes covered with grass, create comfort for skating and with a small amount of snow.

The northern side of Belasitsa is equipped with several slopes, the total length of which is 15 km. The main of all tracks has a length of 4.5 km. The beginning of the route is located at a height of just under 2 km, and the end is 1.5 km, i.е. The height difference is 560 meters, and the slope of the road in turn is 60 degrees. All this makes it possible for fans of thrill to enjoy skating, breathtaking.

On the territory there are tracks of all difficulties: from simple descents to professional difficult routes, which are connected by rope-to-chairlifts. Two of the tracks equipped on Belasitsa have a certificate FIS – for holding international competitions in this place. For fans of cross-country skiing there are also equipped trails. Some of the descents can be used in the dark – for this purpose special lighting was installed there. In the near future, it is planned to expand the skiing area, as well as paving additional new routes, the length of which will reach 65 km.

In addition, the resort has special schools, rental stations for various equipment (snowmobiles and ATVs in particular), a medical center and a rescue service.

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Slopes of Belasitsy always have abundant snow cover, but there is also a special technique for making artificial snow, and regular maintenance of all routes with snow-compacting machines is carried out.

On the territory of the Belasitsa mountain is a very beautiful and diverse nature: centuries-old trees, green meadows, alpine colorful herbs, which significantly distinguishes it from the Alps themselves. There are such famous rivers as Tara and Lim. On the territory of the Biograd mountain there is one of the few relict forests that managed to survive. In the center of this forest is a unique and beautiful Biograd lake.

For tourists, restaurants serving local Montenegrin cuisine are equipped. There are hiking trails that allow you to get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the region.

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