Montenegro, Arsenal

Montenegro, Arsenal

The name of the Arsenal building is due to the Arms Square, which is located on the northeast corner in Kotor. The Arsenal building was erected here for a number of reasons: it is protected by a powerful ancient bastion of the Citadel with the towering Campan tower and shipyard on the Kotor embankment, right in front of the bastion. All this makes the building successful from a military point of view.

Before, on the Arms Square defenders of the city were preparing to repel the attack of the enemies of the city. In 1539, the famous sea robbers of the Algerian pirate Barbarossa Haidreddin invaded. It was not possible to break through the defense of the city to the attackers, which contributed to their retreat after three days of siege.

Today in the building of the Arsenal is the city military galley called “Holy Trifon”.

Reconstruction of the building in the early sixties of the XX century entailed significant changes in the appearance of the building: a steep and high roof was removed, instead of one storey on the mighty arches rising above the basement, several floors appeared.

An ancient inscription was kept on the entrance doors, notifying that materials for the crew of the bay are stored here. Before, it was possible to get to the floor through a stone staircase, but it was cleaned at the end of the 19th century. This was due to the conversion of the Arsenal building into a military bakery, which supplied bread to the entire garrison.

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Today, side walls leading to the second floor have been added to the Arsenal building. Thus, today you can see two floors and a basement.

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