Japan, Yusukan Military Museum

Japan, Yusukan Military Museum

The Yusukan Museum tells about the military history of Japan. It is located in the area of ​​Chiyoda near the Shinto shrine of Yasukuni, founded by the Emperor Meiji in 1869. Yasukuni is a place that is perceived differently even by the Japanese and their closest neighbors. On the one hand, it is a memorial erected in memory of the dead soldiers. “Yasukuni” in translation from Japanese – “peaceful country”, a place where the souls of the victims found comfort. On the other hand, it is believed that the names of war criminals appear in the memorial lists. Because of this, at one time Emperor Hirohito for almost twenty years, as well as some Japanese prime ministers refused to visit Yasukuni. The sanctuary even caused a diplomatic crisis between Japan and China.

The Yusukan Museum was founded in 1882 to preserve evidence of the strength and power of the Japanese Imperial Army, created during the Meiji Restoration. Like many buildings in Tokyo, Yusukan was destroyed during the Kanto earthquake on September 1, 1923. Rebuilt, he received visitors in 1932.

Yusukan Military Museum

Initially, the main expositions of the museum were dedicated to the Japanese-Chinese War of 1894-1895 and the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905. The Yusukan funds and the First World War were replenished, and during the Second World War, samples of Japanese weapons were exhibited in it. From 1945 to 1980 the museum was completely closed.

The museum is often criticized for the fact that its expositions glorify the heroes of military operations, but do not say anything about the tragic fate of civilians.

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Now the documents and exhibits are on two floors. The first is the hall of fame with photographs and letters of the dead soldiers. The second floor is reserved for a story about all the wars in which Japan participated. Two halls are dedicated to the Russo-Japanese War. In the museum you can see Japanese military equipment, including aircraft, tanks and artillery pieces.

The museum regularly holds exhibitions, there is a souvenir shop and a cafe. At the end of June and December, Yusukan closes for several days.

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