Japan, Mount Hakodate

Japan, Mount Hakodate

Hakodate Mountain is one of the attractions of Hakodate, located in the southern part of Hokkaido Island. On the slope of the mountain is located almost the entire central part of the city. And to be on its top, you need to take a bus or use the cable car, the lower station of which is right there in the center of the city, on Motomachi Street.

The height of the mountain is 334 meters, its slopes are covered with forest – there are in Japan, frankly, the mountains are more outstanding. However, with Hakodate in clear weather, a beautiful view of the city. Moreover, the night panorama of the city is among the three most outstanding night views along with the views of Nagasaki from Mount Inasa and the city of Kobe from Mount Rocco. On top of the mountain there is an observatory, a cafe and a restaurant, as well as souvenir shops.

Mount Hakodate

On the slope of Hakodate there is the so-called “western quarter” that was preserved since Meiji, which was built in the spirit of developing the Wild West. Nearby is the Russian Orthodox Church, erected in 1862 and reconstructed in 1917.

The city of Hakodate, founded in the middle of the 15th century, for many years served as the western gateway to Japan, so there are traces of the presence of various cultural traditions – European, Russian, American, Chinese, but there are not so many buildings in the traditional Japanese style. Many of the foreigners who lived in Hakodate were buried in a cemetery, also located on the slope of the mountain of the same name. In the Russian part of the cemetery was installed a two-meter long cross, made of white stone.

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For the sample was taken Novgorod cross of the XI-XII centuries. Russian diplomats, sailors and members of their families, including the spouse of the first head of the Russian diplomatic mission, Joseph Goshkevich, were buried in the cemetery.

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