France, Royomon Abbey

France, Royomon Abbey

Royomon Abbey, one of the former Cistercian monasteries in the Val-d’Oise department, was built in record time by the standards of the Middle Ages in just seven years. This monastery was founded by the will of Blanca of Castile and her son Louis IX the Holy. The royal family allocated a large amount of money for its organization, so the work was done so quickly, from 1228 to 1325.

The monastery became the 21st daughter house founded by the monks of the main Cistercian abbey – Sito. Initially, the monastery was called Mont-Royal (“royal mountain”), but then the name was modified and began to sound like “Royomon”. Also at the behest of the king, the abbey became the tomb for those family members who were not destined to try on the royal crown. The king’s brother, four children and two grandsons of St. Louis rested in Royomon’s crypts, and the king himself, who was killed in Tunis during the crusade, was buried in Saint-Denis Abbey.

The flourishing of Royomon Abbey lasted from the second half of the 13th century to almost the middle of the 14th century. At this time, Louis IX was crowned king, who still patronized Royomon, and the monastery received a large allotment from Philip the Fair and became a large landowner.

The Hundred Years War destroyed the welfare of the monastery, during the time of Jacquerie the abbey was plundered by rebel peasants. In the 16th century, the monastery that had lost its former status fell under the command of the command.

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At the end of the XVIII century after the famous revolutionary events the monastery was closed and sold. Some of its buildings, including the church, were dismantled, and a weaving factory was built from the resulting stone here, on the territory of the abbey. But she did not work long – in the second half of the XIX century, the monastery was transferred to the nuns.

Currently, the abbey is owned by the Gouin family, who bought it in 1905 and founded a cultural fund in it in the second half of the 20th century. Royomon is recognized as the largest and best preserved Cistercian monastery in the Ильle-de-France region. Visitors are shown the courtyard of the monastery, the sacristy, the kitchen and the refectory.

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