Finland, Sederholm House

Finland, Sederholm House

The Sederholm House is the oldest stone building built in 1757 in the historic center of Helsinki, comprising a single architectural ensemble on Senate Square.

At one time, the house belonged to the influential Swedish merchant Johan Sederholm, who was replaced by several subsequent generations of owners. After the merchant Kiselev bought the house in 1865 and added balustrades, expanded and installed additional windows and doors, the house was recognized as the most beautiful in Helsinki.

In the period from 1912 to 1946. the building was empty. After restoration, the City Court was housed in the former merchant’s house, and then in 1985 the building was given to the museum, which was opened for public access only in 1995.

Now the museum presents a collection of authentic things and objects of merchant life of the 18th century, acquainting visitors with the life of this class during its heyday. Temporary exhibitions devoted to modern life and the development of Helsinki are held in the Sederholm House.

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