Finland, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park

Finland, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park

Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle, 9 km from Rovaniemi, is a place where you can meet Santa Claus and his gnomes any day.

Here are his office and post office. He lives together with his wife, Aunt Muori, in a hut on the hill of Korvatunturi, 170 km from Rovaniemi. Only spirits can get on the mound. None of the people saw the hut of Santa Claus.

Santa Park is a new unique theme park located on the way from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village. The huge indoor complex, built in the midst of snow and permafrost, is filled with entertainment.

Theatrical performances and slide shows, games and attractions, exhibitions and souvenir shops immerse themselves in the world of Christmas fairy tales and New Year’s adventures.

The park is located 5 km from Rovaniemi, 2 km from the airport. Open all year. A bus runs regularly from Santa Claus Village to Santa Park. In winter, you can ride a dog sled or snowmobile.

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