Finland, Northern Lights House

Finland, Northern Lights House

City Sondakyulya from the XIX century. is a center for the study of unusual and mysterious natural phenomena – the Northern Lights.

The modern geophysical observatory located not far from the city, as well as the “House of Northern Lights” present to the attention of visitors magnificent photographs and video recordings, as well as ancient myths and achievements of science about this unique phenomenon of nature.

These environs were called “the place of the stars”, where you can admire the unparalleled play of the Northern Lights.

Since ancient times there have been many legends about its nature. It was believed that the twinkling of the Northern Lights – are flashes of anger of invisible gods and sparks from the tail of a fairytale fox.

Hence the Finnish name for this phenomenon, “Fox Fire”. From the scientific point of view, the exposition also tells about the origin of the Northern Lights.

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