Finland, Children’s Toy Estate

Finland, Children’s Toy Estate

A children’s toy manor in the Finnish city of Kuopio is an entertainment center with many attractions and all sorts of toys. It is located on the territory of the water complex Rauhalahti. Having played enough toys, children can go to see a theatrical performance with the participation of the same dolls or a circus performance, as well as go on a trip to a fabulous country. Here you can learn to ride a horse or clown art.

For Christmas, the Finnish Father Frost arrives here in a sleigh pulled by reindeer with his helpers – gnomes who tell fairy tales, organize competitions, sing songs with the children, while Father Frost listens to the most intimate desires of the little guests and distributes New Year’s gifts. Leaving their children in safe hands, parents can safely go on winter fishing, where a fishing village was built especially for them and holes were made in the ice.

In the Magic Shop at the estate you will find yourself in a real paradise for children – toys for every taste and color.

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