Finland, Amethyst Mine

Finland, Amethyst Mine

The amethyst mine near Luosto is the only mine in Europe open to tourists.

It is located on the top of Mount Lampivaar, which can be reached by cable car. Amethyst, a type of quartz, is considered a “Lapland stone”, decorations from which are very popular among locals.

In a narrow mine, mining is done manually using conventional tools, thereby turning it into a kind of museum where you can take part in this fascinating process. To do this, for a fee, you must become a shareholder of the mine and get the right to mine these crystals yourself once a year.

The mine has a grinding workshop for processing them, where amethyst is sorted and selected. Gems are sent to Luosto for jewelry, which can be purchased at local stores.

This gem of different shades of purple, according to ancient belief, has healing and magical properties. Therefore, having made an excursion to the mine, you can get a happy talisman.


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