Estonia, Valaste waterfall

Estonia, Valaste waterfall

The Valaste waterfall is located in the northern part of Estonia, Ida-Virumaa County, in the Ontika area. This is the highest waterfall in Estonia. Initially, its height was about 25 meters, but gradually the water deepened the foot and now the height of the waterfall is 30.5 meters. Locals call this waterfall Red tail. In the spring, during a profuse melting of snow and ice, or during the period of numerous rains, a strong stream of water forms, which passes through the fields and, thus, the water acquires a rich red tinge. A fairy-tale view of the waterfall finds in the winter, when the water freezes and layers, forming bizarre magic forms.

The first note about the Valaste waterfall dates back to 1840, it was published in a German newspaper, all readers of the article were urged to visit this amazing place and enjoy its beauty. The Valaste River, which feeds the waterfall, is called the “big ditch”. The legend tells that the man Kraavi Uri (Kanavny Urey) dug a ditch, creating a river and a waterfall. This legend is partly true. Indeed, the river is an artificial creation created during the drainage works, however, the waterfall is already a natural phenomenon.

In 1996, the commission of the Academy of Sciences declared the waterfall a natural heritage and a national symbol of Estonia. In 1997, an observation deck was built directly opposite the waterfall. In addition, it offers an interesting view of the picturesque stratified outcrop, formed more than 500 million years ago, and therefore of great interest to geologists. Nearby there is a car parking and an information board.

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