Estonia, Rakvere Castle

Estonia, Rakvere Castle

Rakvere Castle is located in the same town in the north of Estonia. The German name of the castle of Vesenberg (Vesenberg), in the Russian chronicles is found as Rakovor. For the first time it is mentioned in history in the 13th century. The castle is collapsed on the Vallimägi hill, whose height is 25 m.

From 1347 to 1558 years. the city of Rakvere was owned by the Livonian Order. Over the years, the fortress was repeatedly rebuilt by various rulers. Most of the castle suffered during the Polish-Swedish war (1602-1605 gg.), Losing its defensive value. Thus, the castle was struck from the list of protective structures, as its restoration and restoration could not be rapid.

In the 17-18 centuries. the ruins of Rakvere Castle were used as a quarry, which supplied the surrounding lands with building material. In the 19th century. with the appearance of fashion on the ruins of a hill with the ruins of Rakvere acquired a special value. The castle became a picturesque place for walking and picnics. The first works to restore the castle and bring it to order began in 1901-1902.

In 1975, large-scale works on the restoration of the castle began, which were completed by 1988.

Today you can walk around this fortress, both independently and accompanied by a guide. The castle was very successful in recreating the atmosphere of the Middle Ages: at the entrance you will be met by controllers dressed in medieval outfits, along the perimeter of the castle are all kinds of workshops where everything can be touched and touched, and even try their hand at some crafts.

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Rakvere Castle

Inside the castle you can go down into the dungeon and look into the room of fear. It is divided into 3 parts. In the torture room are all kinds of tools for moxibustion, stretching, breaking and crushing of human flesh. The next room is a crypt, in which everywhere there are “rotting” dead people. In the last room is hell, here the floor is constantly moving, whistles and other terrifying sounds are heard. All these rooms are decorated with appropriate lighting, helping to create a common atmosphere.

If you are hungry, you can have a snack in a tavern decorated in the same medieval style. There are massive wooden tables and chairs. The menu features both traditional dishes of medieval Estonian cuisine and modern ones.

In the castle there is a small museum exposition, describing, basically, the medieval history of the fortress. On the second floor there is a hall in which swords of different eras are represented. And they can not only be watched or photographed, but also held in hands, presenting himself as a real knight.

This interesting place will be interesting both for adults and for children. Noteworthy is the possibility of almost free movement around the castle of Rakvere. You can do a lot of things that are presented here, touching your hands, taking photos in costumes in different parts of the fortress.

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