Estonia, Kuressaare City Park

Estonia, Kuressaare City Park

In the second half of the XIX century, the construction of new buildings and landscaping around the castle of Kuressaare began. All this began after the Kuressaare city acquired its resort status, thanks to the discovery of the deposit and the active use of therapeutic clay. In those years here, on treatment and rest, a large number of people arrived. Therefore, there was a need to bring the area around the castle in order.

In 1861, a park committee was created, whose duties included the creation and management of the park. This year is considered the time of the foundation of the Kuressaare city park.

Since the foundation of the city, a great deal of help has been provided by urban residents, providing money, seedlings, besides this, for construction work, they offered horses and carts.

The park was broken in place of the old church and wasteland around the fortress. In order to honor the memory of those who were buried in this church and near its walls, a monument was erected. On one side of the monument, the history of the park is described, on the other side the lines of Schiller “Wirke Gutes, du nahrest der Menschheit gottliche Pflanze” are carved.

In 1930, rare plant species were brought to the Kuressaare City Park from the University of Tartu. Thanks to this, we now have a beautiful park in which you can find about 80 species of trees and shrubs. The park regularly hosts open-air concerts. You can not only have fun, but also enjoy the clean air, the beautiful nature of the Kuressaare city park.

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