Estonia, Jagala Falls

Estonia, Jagala Falls

The Yagal waterfall is located on the river of the same name in Estonia, Harjumaa county. The waterfall is 4 km from the confluence of the river to the Gulf of Finland and 25 km to the east of Tallinn. Its width is 50 meters, and the height is about 8 meters.

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Under the Yagal waterfall there is a ledge along which it is possible to walk along its entire width, which makes the waterfall a particularly interesting place for visits both in summer and in winter. In the summer before you will be a wall of falling water, and in winter – frozen blocks of ice. However, one should be cautious, since the passage is strewn with large slippery stones, representing a danger.

The waterfall forms a valley, the depth of which is about 12-14 meters, and the length is 300 meters. Annually the valley increases toward the source of the river, which is a natural process and is explained by the natural destruction of clint by the flow of water. Each year, the edge of the waterfall is destroyed by 3 cm. The most attractive view of the waterfall in spring, when the water rushes to the sea with a noise. In winter, the panorama can also be unusual, when Jagala freezes almost completely, the waterfall turns into a frozen, freakish monument. On its way, the Jagalian water passes through the swamps, which add a brown tint to the water.

Jagala Falls

Down the river, at a distance from the falls, rapids meet, even further, on the right bank of the river, there is a site of ancient Estonians – Jõesuu, which is one of the largest in Estonia and covers an area of ​​3.5 hectares. Further the river flows to the dam of the former hydroelectric power station in Linnamäe (built in 1922 and destroyed during the war in 1944).

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