Czech Republic, IQ park

Czech Republic, IQ park

Scientific experiments, interesting experiments, tangled labyrinths, games with fire, water, various safe chemicals, puzzles for clear heads and clever men, optical illusions – all this offers you the IQ park of science located in Libertsa.

Studying of all exhibits, participation in the offered attractions, test of the installed units, communication with experts will take about 3-4 hours therefore, having decided to go to this entertaining technical museum, correctly count the time.

All exhibits of this scientific entertainment center are available to studying. Even the most small child can touch them, press on buttons, try to perform any operation with their help, for example, to weave nanofibre. Devices nanospinners are responsible for this function. Special laboratories are filled with the unique mechanisms helping to understand better the natural phenomena. The separate room allows to study a human body from within. There is also a compartment where the humanoid robot – only lives in the Czech Republic.

However visitors of the park consider the most interesting attraction laboratory where it is possible to feel the astronaut, having tested various centrifuges and devices used when training the people who are going to go to space. To tickle nerves to visitors, employees of the IQ park make often spectacular experiments in the presence of guests. So, near children the lightning can suddenly appear.

As the scientific and entertaining park enjoys wide popularity, its operating time in festive and the days off is increased.

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