Czech Republic, Aviation museum

Czech Republic, Aviation museum

In search of the Aviation museum it is necessary to go to one of the oldest airports of the Czech Republic – to Nerzhedin located in the neighborhood of Olomouc. On the basis of a local airport at the initiative of cadets of flight school the museum attracting not only the professionals knowing about aircraft firsthand but also fans of modern and ancient aircraft was created.

The aviation museum was created first of all for what to save for descendants the legendary military and civilian airliners created in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia, but over time its collection increased due to emergence of the devices manufactured in the USSR and other countries.

The museum where planes and helicopters are shown, was open for general public in July, 2009. The basis of its meeting was made by the devices belonging to the keen collector doctor Roman Sperl. He still advises and helps the management of the museum to fill up an exposition.

The museum of aircraft of Olomouc is known far outside the Czech Republic. There come guests from all corners of the globe, it is a lot of also our compatriots. A staff of the museum are people of different professions: the mechanics understanding engines, the former pilots, engineers, re-enactors restoring absolutely “broken” equipment, ordinary fans who are in love with the sky and with those devices which plow it.

Besides two hangars where the collection of planes is exposed, the restoration workshop in which let visitors, and the archive building where historical documents are stored also is a part of the museum.

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