Czech Republic, Automatic mill

Czech Republic, Automatic mill

Pardubice doesn’t lack water resources, through the city two rivers flow at once: To Laba and Hrudimka. And the second is inflow by the first. Hrudimka – the small rivulet, more similar to the channel, – bends around the lock and historical quarters therefore is almost in the downtown. This fact allows, without spending a lot of time and forces, to visit one of city sights which is located directly on the right coast of this small river. It is an automatic mill – the grandiose brick building reminding the plant.

At the beginning of the 20th century of Pardubice was the small town whose shape wasn’t broken by factory pipes. Here lived, generally farmers and peasants who were engaged in agriculture. Only after emergence of a railway branch industrialists who appreciated this city learned about Pardubice.

The center of the Pardubice region began to extend therefore coast of two rivers turned into a park zone. However rational use of energy which these rivers gave didn’t call protests of locals. Therefore they didn’t object to mills which stood here from time immemorial. Near a traditional water-mill which was owned by Jan Pekarek the tavern where local men quite often spent evenings settled down.

In 1909 works on breakdown of parks therefore the mill became unprofitable began. Family Pekarekov was necessary to sell the site to brothers Vinternits – to young people who welcomed technical progress and weren’t afraid to use its achievements for the own benefit.

On the place of an old mill they build new – automatic. After the fire of 1919 the building was restored again, and in the sixties the 20th century completely reconstructed. The mill still is in working order.

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