Czech Republic, Arochny Bridge

Czech Republic, Arochny Bridge

The original technical monument is located in the Czech resort of Darkov which adjoins to Karvina and is its part. It is the unusual arch bridge which connects two coast of the small Olshe Rivulet. Until recently the bridge was automobile, but for quite some time now on it only cyclists and pedestrians can move that made this bridge extraordinary popular with guests of the town of Darkov.

It is possible to stop directly in the middle of the bridge now, to look thoughtfully at the current river, to feed ducks, without being afraid that you will be hit at this time by the car. Thus, the arch bridge which length of 56 meters, each vacationer of the resort of Darkov began a local place of interest where considers a duty to be marked out. Besides the well-known Czech resort also begins with this bridge.

The bridge was built in 1925 with application of engineering decisions innovative for those times. It becomes clear what there is a speech about if to pay attention to an unusual form of arches of the bridge.

In 1997 water in the Olshe River rose to very high level. In the city there was a flood from which also support of the arch bridge considerably suffered. The city council made the decision on full reconstruction of this construction. Repairs were made during the period from 2003 to 2005. The bridge was completely reconstructed, having a little raised over the river that next time water in case of a flood didn’t concern a paving.

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The bridge is made very unusually. Its streamline shapes are so recognized that the government of the Czech Republic even released a commemorative coin with its image.

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